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What is whole body cryotherapy?

Whole body cryotherapy (a.k.a. Cryo, some people even call it body freezing therapy) is the exposure of an individual to extremely low temperatures (-170 C or -274 F) for 3 minutes to decrease pain and inflammation and boost hormone and neurotransmitter levels. The result is decreased recovery time and pain from intense workouts, injuries, and chronic conditions, increased energy levels, anti-ageing and mood boosting effects.

How and why was whole body cryotherapy developed?

Cryotherapy machines were originally developed in the 1970s to help people that suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. When dramatic improvements were seen in patients (decreased swelling, decreased pain, increased mobility) researchers began to look at whole body cryotherapy as a treatment modality for other disease such as rheumatism, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and other musculoskeletal disorder. Eventually athletes discovered cryotherapy’s benefits and it has now become widely adopted across the US.

I hate the cold. Is it bearable?

Describing the feeling of a treatment is like standing in front of a freezer on a hot day. It’s a chill but not painful. If you have ever done an ice bath or a cold shower, you have endured much worse than a cryotherapy treatment. Sessions at Sacco Chiropractic & Wellness are completely dry and after 3 minutes in the chamber you immediately warm up and no longer feel cold.

Pricing and Packages

CRYO Sessions:

  • 1st visit: $25
  • 1 session: $35
  • 3 sessions: $99
  • 5 sessions:$149

Mind, Body & Soul

Relax and unwind for a full 6 months of whole-body wellness with 2 of each service per month:
CRYO Therapy & 60 Minute Massage

$135 per month billed on the 1st of the month for a 6-month commitment.
**No substitutions**


More FAQs

Will Cryotherapy make me lose weight?

A single treatment can burn between 500 to 800 calories. Cryotherapy causes an increase in the amount of brown fat (brown adipose tissue) that you have in your body. Brown fat’s role in the body is to produce heat, it does this by taking calories from white fat (white adipose tissue). While individuals with higher levels of brown adipose tissue have lower body fat percentages, and you burn calories with cryo, it’s always best to use this in conjunction with diet and exercise.

How many sessions can I do in one day?

Two sessions a day is the maximum number of treatments that a person can undergo in one day. For most people one session a day is enough. Two treatments a day is only recommended for athletes undergoing intense training camps or people with severe injuries or conditions.

Is it dangerous?

No, we use liquid nitrogen as the chilling agent, and it never comes in contact with your skin. Nitrogen is nontoxic, and nonflammable; it comprises 78% of the air we breathe. A trained operator is always present during the treatment to control the temperature and monitor your comfort. There are no locks or latches on the door, so you are able exit the cryo machine easily and quickly anytime.

Who shouldn’t use it?

Anyone who is currently sick, pregnant, has severe, unmanaged hypertension (BP> 180/100), has a cardiac pacemaker, is being treated for cancer, has deep vein thrombosis, acute or recent myocardial infarction, uncontrolled seizures, fever, unstable angina pectoris, cold allergy, acute kidney and urinary tract diseases, or is under influence of drugs or alcohol.

What if I am claustrophobic?

Because the cryo machine is open at the top and adjusted to fit the height of the client, your head and neck are always above the opening, so you are not totally enveloped. The cryo machine has a door that is closed by 3 small magnets, it cannot be locked so you always have control over being in the chamber. You can stop the procedure at anytime by telling the operator or you can simply push open the door and step out.

A trained operator is always with you during the treatment.

What do I wear in the cryo?

Because of the very low temperatures, no metal jewelry or piercing below the neck are allowed on you while in the cryo machine. If you cannot remove certain jewelry or piercings, they can be covered with athletic tap that will be provide. Clients are required to wear cotton or wool foot and hand protection (all provided by us) and either underwear or a bathing suit to protect intimate body parts. All other clothing is removed.

Do I take a shower before or after using cryotherapy?

No. The sessions are completely dry, so you don’t need to worry about showering before or after stepping into the machine.

Can I catch cold because of whole body cryotherapy treatment?

No, you can’t. Quite opposite, the stimulation of the immune system can help decrease the severity and frequency of future colds; however, if you are currently sick it is strongly recommended that you do not use the cryotherapy machine.

I have metal or plastic implants in my body can I do cryotherapy?

Yes, absolutely. Having implant(s) inside your body (for example metal plate in your arm or breast augmentations) is not a problem for those looking to do cryotherapy. Cryotherapy only chills the skin a few millimeters deep, we are never freezing tissue or lowering your core body temperature; therefore, making it safer than an ice bath.


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