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Experiencing Relief From Persistent Pain

From Numbness to Wellness

One of our patients, a woman in her 40s, had put up with unbearable arm pain for a long time that gradually got worse over the years. The pain was the result of a strain that she sustained. She had numbness running down her arm and was unable to lift it. As a result, she couldn’t brush her hair.

This patient tried other avenues to get pain relief, but they didn’t work. Fortunately, someone recommended us to her. She came in, a bit hesitant at first. But as soon as she got some relief on that first visit she became a believer in chiropractic. After her second visit to the practice, she was able to lift up her arm more and brush and wash her hair.

She’s now a wellness patient which means she’ll be coming in once a month. The patient now brings in her son and boyfriend for care. She’s recommending others because of the tremendous results she experienced. She refers to Dr. Sacco as her doctor and wishes she had found out about him sooner.

Help for back pain

A new patient of ours, a man in his 20s, had an accident about five years ago while he was at a playground. He fell and broke his arm. While his doctors focused on healing the broken arm, some other issues arose as a result of the fall. The man started having back pain over time. When he came to our practice, Dr. Scott was able to relieve some of that pain that he’s had for years.

Get the Help You Need!

If you have been putting up with pain, don’t wait to get treatment. Help is available in our caring practice. Just like these patients, you can get back to participating in daily activities pain-free. Perhaps best of all, you can experience relief without the use of drugs or surgery.

Discover for yourself how chiropractic can help you get relief and feel great!

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