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sEMG Muscle Scanner

laser beamAt Sacco Chiropractic, we offer, as part of every new patient’s first visit, the ScanVision Scanning sEMG exam, which uses technology similar to the EKG. Instead of measuring heart muscle patterns, we measure the muscular compensation of the spine. The ScanVision Scanning sEMG exam is an electronic form of palpation, providing our doctors with an objective way to quantify an important measure of spinal health. The exam takes just a few minutes.


Interpreting the Results

Colors indicate the level of tension, with green, pink, red, and yellow corresponding with average, moderately high, high, and very low readings, respectively. The percent difference displayed is the difference between the left and right sides at the level measured, with arrows pointing to the direction of imbalance.

Very high (red) and very low (yellow) readings are significant. High readings (red) are usually seen in the acute phase of spinal subluxation or injury, while very low readings (yellow) are typically seen when muscles are in a chronic state of fatigue.

The ScanVision Scanning sEMG exam data helps determine the appropriate course of care and monitors progress over time.

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Understanding the EP Stress Score

The Electrophysiological (EP) Stress Score is calculated by summing up the muscle activity readings on both sides of the spine at all levels. This baseline measurement is used to compare subsequent readings and track progress. Elevated EP Stress Scores on the first exam are associated with acute subluxation or spinal health issues, while low scores indicate chronic muscle fatigue. As muscles begin to fire more normally, expect your EP Stress Score to increase, reflecting your activities of daily living.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the exam painful?

No, the ScanVision Scanning sEMG exam is non-invasive and painless. It involves the placement of small electrodes on the skin and is safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women, and seniors.

Is there an additional fee for this service?

No, the ScanVision Scanning sEMG exam is included as part of your chiropractic care. It is built into your first visit at no extra cost.

Will the scan be retaken at different times?

Depending on the severity of your case or your planned visits, your doctor may retake the scan during the report of findings or at specific intervals, such as every six or twelve weeks. This allows for comparisons and tracking of progress.

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